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Product Spotlight: Valve Accessories & Repair Kits

December 21, 2020

Valve Accessories and Repair Kits

For almost 40 years, BI-TORQ Valve Automation has served the industrial, commercial, and municipal industries with the highest quality valves, actuators, and automated valve packages. We also offer repair kits and accessories for valve automation. As a proud member of the Valve Manufacturers Association of America (VMA), our staff has deep industry and product expertise, along with a wealth of experience to help you select the ideal valve accessories for your application.

The Accessories for Our Valve Packages and Actuators

At BI-TORQ, we are proud to be your go-to source for valve accessories and seat and seal repair kits. Besides our full line of valves and actuators, we offer a wide variety of accessories, including:

Position Limit Switches

Limit switches are used to detect whether a valve is in the open or closed position. Oftentimes, limit switches contain a visual beacon that allows operators to easily see if the valve is open or closed. Area classifications for limit switches include IP67 and NEMA 4, 4X, or 7.

Our LF-APL Economy Limit Switches are rated to meet IP67 guidelines. These ultra-low profile switches feature a high-visibility dome indicator, 1/2″ conduit connection, and included stainless steel hardware. Our CAB Limit Switches are rated to conform to NEMA 4/4X or 7/9 guidelines. They feature easy set cams, 4-20 mA feedback, a choice of epoxy-coated aluminum or all stainless steel housing, and stainless steel hardware.

NAMUR Mount Solenoids

NAMUR solenoid valves control the flow of air in pneumatic actuators by using an electric signal. NAMUR solenoids and their accessories work together to control flow speed and direction of the actuator.

Our NAMUR mount solenoids are universal and can be used on double acting or single acting pneumatic actuators and are available in multiple voltages with 1/2″ DIN or strain relief connectors. The solenoids are fully mounted and tested on our pneumatic actuator packages. They are also rated for 100% continuous duty and come with NEMA 4/4X or NEMA 7/9 coil options with optional stainless steel housing.

Pneumatic Positioners

A pneumatic valve positioner ensures reliable and accurate control valve operation by positioning the valve stem in accordance to the received pneumatic signal. Our pneumatic positioners feature a NEMA 4X corrosion-resistant composite housing, flat top or dome lens, simple and zero span adjustment, and a standard set of 3 gauges. Options include limit switches and 3-15 PSI pneumatic or 4-20 mA electro-pneumatic signal input.

Gear Overrides & Chainwheels

Our declutchable manual override gear operators enable users to manually override actuators to quickly and safely position their valves. They work with ball or butterfly quarter turn valves and function as an emergency override in the event of power or air loss. Made from heavy-duty cast iron and sealed with BUNA O-rings, they are treated for corrosion resistance to withstand harsh environments.

Chainwheel operators are control valves that are otherwise inaccessible. They feature aluminum chainwheels and guide arms with optional cast or stainless steel construction. The customizable hub fits a wide variety of gear operators. Options include clamp-on style, heavy-duty chain, lock-out/tag-out, and secondary restraint cable systems.

Maintenance of Your System Is Key!

Preventative maintenance is critical for the continued performance and safety of your valve processes. The first step is keeping the valves clean and free of buildup that might cause the valve to not open or close properly. A 3-piece valve that can be easily maintained is key. Additionally, a consistent inspection routine is another way you can ensure that your valves are leak-free and that any valve position indicators provide an accurate reading. Finally, stick to a schedule, such as periodic plant shutdowns, to do an in-depth cleaning and inspection to keep your valves running efficiently.

Your Go-To Source for Valve Accessories & Repair Kits

Whether you need valves, actuators, accessories, or repair kits, the knowledgeable staff at BI-TORQ can help you. We carry a comprehensive inventory of the highest quality products for your industrial, commercial, and municipal valve needs. View our product catalog for more of our offerings. If you have questions, please contact us, or request a quote to get started on your project.