BI-TORQ was recently specified and has received an order for several thermal shut-off valve assemblies to ship in early November. The valve packages range in size from ½” through 6” and are for a large gold mine in Central Asia.

The carbon steel ANSI 150#  assemblies are going to be installed in a diesel system to offer complete emergency shut-off protection in areas such as the main fuel storage tanks; inlets and outlets of generators; day tanks; the fire pump diesel tank; boiler fuel inlets; and fuel feeds to the mill and screening areas. This approach offers maximum protection with a product of this type.

If you take a look at the image below, you can see how the strategic placement of our thermal shut-off valves maximizes plant safety. This is accomplished 3 major ways. First, it allows for fuel lines to be shut down at critical junctures in the event of a fire. Our assemblies will stop flow into buildings or at branch points to keep flammable media from feeding a fire due to ruptured pipes, broken fittings or other leak points in the system. The thermal shut-off valves will also isolate tanks at their source, keeping the bulk of the flammable material safely in a tank. Additionally, they can also be used on top of tanks in a fail-open configuration as tank vacuum protection. Lastly, they can be used to shut down pumps when a localized fire breaks out. This is done by using the position feedback option to send a signal to the PLC.

FLP Placement - Diesel System

Whether your protection needs are simply for a small day tank in a commercial building or for a comprehensive fuel system at a industrial facility, you can count on our FM approved thermal shut-off valves.

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