BI-TORQ Valve Automation specializes in superior valve components and pneumatic actuators. Our team of designers and engineers has more than 30 years of experience serving commercial, municipal, and industrial customers and is committed to providing the perfect automated valve solution for your intended application.

What are Pneumatic Actuators?

Pneumatic actuators consist of a housing and a system of gearing, pistons, and seals, and are typically used to open or close process valves conveying materials. Pressure from the gas chamber transfers energy to the gearing, causing it to rotate. This motion is transferred to the valve shaft and opens or closes a corresponding valve, which in turn controls material flow.

Most pneumatic actuators use a rack-and-pinion motion and don’t need electricity or combustion to operate. Because they are less likely to produce sparks, heat, or fires compared to electronic actuators, pneumatic actuators are highly valued for creating safe work environments and stable conditions. They are also extremely precise and versatile.

Features & Applications

BI-TORQ offers two styles of rack-and-pinion pneumatic actuators in double-acting and spring-return models with up to 25,000 inch-pounds of output torque. Our pneumatic actuators feature ISO and NAMUR mounting to meet international standards and allow for simple installation to valves or valve accessories. They’re also available in two unique product lines—the PN series and SS series—which are described in greater detail below.

PN Series

BI-TORQ’s PN series of pneumatic actuators have double-acting and spring-return designs capable of producing up to 25,000 inch-pounds torque. They are composed of hard-anodized extruded aluminum with epoxy-coated end caps, which makes them highly durable, reliable, and ideal for most automated valve applications.

BI-SS Series

Our BI-SS series of pneumatic actuators feature investment-cast 304 stainless steel bodies and end caps to provide optimal strength and corrosion resistance. With both double-acting and spring-return models available, the BI-SS series is ideal for using in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, marine environments, and additional sectors where sanitation and corrosion resistance are paramount. The BI-SS series is also compatible with BI-TORQ’s sanitary clamp end; 3- and 2-piece valves; and 150# flanged stainless steel ball valves.

BI-TORQ’s pneumatic rack-and-pinion valve designs have a slew of customizable features, so you can select the perfect design for your needs. Here are just a few examples of how you can customize your system:

  • ISO bottom mounting for direct-mount actuation with true ISO valves.
  • Star-pinion output design for enhanced flexibility in actuator-to-valve mounting.
  • ISO top mounting to easily install limit switches and positioners.
  • NAMUR mounting for direct-mount solenoids, avoiding the need for extra piping or gaskets.
  • Double-acting and spring-return options to create up to 25,000 inch-pounds of output torque.
  • Fail open or fail close spring-return configurations.
  • Five-degree adjustment in both open and closed positions (PN series only).
  • Custom “infinite adjustment” adapters for total rotation control.
  • Optional Viton seals for high-temperature applications.
  • Hydrogenated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) seals for low-temperature applications.
  • Limit switches, modulating positioners, NAMUR solenoids, and other accessories available.

In addition to selling complete automatic valve packages, we provide actuators individually to retrofit existing systems with custom mounting hardware. Quick shipments are also available for most items in inventory.

Top-Quality Pneumatic Actuators From BI-TORQ

At BI-TORQ, we pride ourselves on creating the highest-quality manual and automatic valves and components in the industry. Our pneumatic actuators are easily customized to meet your needs, no matter your industry or intended purpose. To learn more about our pneumatic actuators and valve systems, contact our experts today or request a quote.

Feature of PN Series Pneumatic Actuators