BI-TORQ Valve Automation is a division of Strahman Valves dedicated to providing superior valve and actuator solutions to customers in the industrial, commercial, and municipal sectors across the world. The experts at BI-TORQ have been providing quality fluid control solutions since 1981. This kind of experience allows our highly knowledgeable staff to help you find the perfect product for your needs. Our extensive selection of ball valves is available in automated, manual, and API 607 fire safe designs to meet the needs of nearly any application.

What are Ball Valves?

Ball valves control fluid flow using a turning hollow sphere or ball. A hole at the center of the ball, the bore, allows for fluid flow through the valve. When the bore aligns with the pipeline, the fluid in the pipe or tank free flows through the valve. Turning the valve a quarter turn will orient the bore perpendicular to the pipe opening, closing the unit and shutting off the flow. For this reason, ball valves are known as quarter-turn valves, which makes them ideal for shut-off applications as they operate quickly.

A ball valve consists of four main components: a body, ball, stem, and seats/seals. The valve body resides inline with a piping system, between pipe, fitting, or equipment. The stem is a shaft connecting the operator on the outside of the valve body to the ball inside. The operator turns the ball via the linked shaft, which starts or stops the fluid flow through the valve. Valve seats and seals are soft-seated components placed within the valve body to form a seal between the ball and the body and the shaft and the environment. Ball valves can be constructed with one or multiple ports to direct the flow of fluid in a piping system. 

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With a broad range of advantages over other valve designs, some of the primary benefits include:

  • Efficiency: As quarter-turn valves, ball valves are quicker to open and close than valves that require multiple turns. With the added benefit of automation, numerous valves can be open and closed quickly without directly accessing every valve location.
  • Multi-port options: Multi-port ball valves allow for additional control of fluid flow in multiple directions, for better flow control within complex systems.
  • Durability: Ball valves can withstand extreme pressure and harsh environments of industrial applications. Their design and construction allow for easy component maintenance, repair, and replacement for longer service lives.
  • Ease of use: Automated ball valves offer flow control from a single point, making processes more streamlined and efficient.
  • Tight seal: Ball valves with soft seats offer a drop tight seal, ensuring no leak by.
  • High flow rates: Ball valves provide minimal obstruction when open, thereby providing high flow rates. 


3 Types of Ball Valves

At BI-TORQ, we are pleased to offer a range of items within three design categories: automated, manual, and fire safe.

Automated Ball Valves

BI-TORQ’s automated ball valves come fully assembled and tested. Our line of automated valves includes pneumatic double-acting, spring-return, and electric actuators in both AC and DC voltages. We offer both two-way and multi-port configurations to suit your particular needs. We can also customize your valve by adding modulating positioners, NAMUR solenoids, and other options tailored to your specific application. Our valves come in various materials, including brass, stainless, PVC, and CPVC to fit into a large variety of applications in many industries. 

Manual Ball Valves

Our manual quarter-turn ball valves come with various options, including OSHA-approved locking handles, tandem linkages, spring-return handles, and overhead chain levers. Most of our manual valves come with ISO mounting pads for easy retrofit automation in the field. They are available in two-port and multi-port configurations and can have limit switches mounted to them for your particular application. We maintain a comprehensive inventory, so many can be same-day shipped.

Fire Safe Ball Valves

BI-TORQ offers a selection of fire-safe ball valves in both automated and manual configurations. All of our fire-safe valves are made of carbon or stainless steel and come with NPT, socket weld or flanged ends. All our fire safe valves meet API 607. Our automated fire-safe valves additionally can have either pneumatic or electric actuators. Additionally, our fire safe valves are offered as part of a complete thermal shut-off package to shutdown tanks or piping in the event of a fire. 

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Industries We Serve

At BI-TORQ, we pride ourselves on providing quality products to meet the specific demands of a broad range of industries, including:

  • Chemical and plastic: We offer a variety of automated and manual valve products ideal for the stringent requirements of the chemical and plastic industry. Tank farms, bulk loading and unloading, chemical feed lines, and terminals are all frequent applications for our valves. Our fire safe line with Thermal Shut-off Valves is a favorite here.
  • Food and beverage: BI-TORQ ball valves are useful for fluid flow control in many food and beverage applications, including mixing, steam lines, storage tanks, and water treatment. Multi-port valves and our sanitary lines are used abundantly in this industry.
  • General industrial: All of our valve offerings can be customized to meet the specific needs of nearly any industrial process.
  • OEM machinery: BI-TORQ’s ball valve lines easily fit into OEM fluid systems, including generators, industrial laundry equipment, steam lines, mixing, canning machinery, and storage tanks.
  • Oil and gas:We also provide automated ball valves capable of withstanding the extreme conditions present in the oil and gas industry. You will find BI-TORQ ball valve assemblies in storage tanks, loading and unloading applications, generators, and fueling systems. Another great place for our thermal-shut-off valves.

Superior Ball Valve Solutions From BI-TORQ

For more than 30 years, BI-TORQ has specialized in designing and manufacturing fluid control solutions for industries around the world. To learn more about our automated, manual, and fire safe ball valves, ask today for a quick training or request a quote.

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