Proud Member of the VMA

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AVK Carbo-Bond/BI-TORQ Valve Automation is now an Associate Member of the VMA (Valve Manufacturers Association of America). The VMA is a trade organization serving the interests of North American manufacturers of valves, actuators, and controls since 1938.

"We've seen great growth as a company in terms of sales and capabilities over the last few years, and VMA membership is a fantastic way to broadcast our position in the marketplace," said Dave Marut, BI-TORQ Managing Director. "I am confident that membership will lead to other avenues of growth for our company."

Founded in 1981, AVK Carbo-Bond is a family-owned business serving industrial, commercial, and municipal accounts worldwide. AVK Carbo-Bond specializes in valve mounting kits, stem extensions, lock-out kits, and customized solutions such as butterfly valve tee linkages and tandem mounting kits. Conceived out of the idea to offer an automated valve package to the AVK Carbo-Bond's customers, BI-TORQ Valve Automation was established in 1995 with a single line of pneumatic rack and pinion actuators. BI-TORQ has grown tremendously since then and now offers a full line of automated ball and butterfly valve packages, actuators and valves for retrofits, and a suite of safety products including fire safe fusible link assemblies, spring return handles, and fusible plugs.