Do you provide training?
Yes, we do. We can provide training in a variety of ways from webinars to onsite training at a distributor or end-user level. The training can be sales or operations oriented.

What is your return policy?
We are a very customer service-oriented company so we will work with you on returns.

What is your warranty?
Our standard warranty is 1 year from date of shipment.

What are your minimum order requirements?
We don’t have one. When a customer needs something they need it.

What unique products do you have (different from other suppliers)?
Our uniqueness is much envied and never duplicated. We can offer a complete valve package based on application details or interchange based on another manufacturer’s part number. We also offer customized mounting hardware so we can supply just an actuator and mounting kit for a retrofit if the valve is still working. Lastly, we have a suite safety products that includes FM approved fusible link valve packages, spring return handles, and lock-out mounting kits.

When quoting an automated package: Is that the price for everything (included)?
Yes, unless the quote specifically states otherwise, we will assembly all the components on an order. All assemblies are tested before they ship too.

How do you ship internationally?
All international shipments are crated with man-made materials complying with international standards.

What are your shipping and receiving hours?
Our shipping and receiving hours are 8am to 4:00pm M-F.

I don’t know anything about valves. How do I sell them?
We can teach you the basics fairly quickly, but we will always do the heavy lifting. We have a variety of resources like application sheets, videos, and a great technical sales team to help. We can also work with you and your customers on a joint sales call.


How do you take off an actuator?
Most of our assemblies are direct mount so it is just a matter undoing the bolts that go through the valve mounting pad and lifting straight up. The assemblies with mounting kits work the same way, but the bracket is bolted to the valve and the actuator.

What kind of life span can you expect out of your actuator?
There are many variables that play a part in the lifespan of an actuator, but our pneumatics have been cycle tested to 2,000,000 cycles. That will provide a very long life if the actuator is properly taken care of. Electric actuators are different in that regard, but we have seen circumstances where they have lasted a decade.

What is the difference between on-off and modulating control?
On-off control is when the actuator moves the valve from a fully open to a fully closed state or vice versa. A modulating actuator will take a control signal, typically 4-20mA, and position the valve ball or disc in intermediate positions to set a flow rate.

My customer said he wanted a 110 VAC actuator, but was quoted 115 VAC. Will it work?
Electric actuators come in industry standard voltages, but the general rule is that you can use ± 10% voltage with no issues. In this instance, the actuator will work perfectly fine.

Where do you find your valves?
The general answer is anywhere media (liquid or solid) needs to be conveyed or regulated in a piping system, or stored in a tank. That answer helps, but is quite general. Check out the application portion of our website for more insight.