Safety Products

BI-TORQ Valve Automation designs and manufactures products intended to reduce facility risk and insurance costs while increasing safety for plant employees and surrounding communities. This segment of our product line includes fire safe fusible link assemblies for emergency shutdown, spring return handles to eliminate the risk of leaving a critical valve in the wrong position, and lock-out devices for both automated and manual valves.

  • Our FM-approved fire safe ball and butterfly valves with FUSIBLE LINK ASSEMBLIES are designed for automatic shutdown of pipelines in case of fire.
  • SPRING RETURN "DEADMAN" HANDLES ensure that valves in critical applications cannot be accidentally left in the wrong position.
  • The PALADIN SERIES uses an API 607 fire safe ball valve and a CSA/UL approved electric actuator, making it ideal for fuel or chemical service. Our high quality design optimizes safety and reliability. Full certifications are available upon request.
  • Lock-out devices for automated valves have become increasingly necessary in critical applications where errantly opening or closing a pipeline could result in product loss or serious safety issues.
  • Although most new manual ball and butterfly valves come standard with lockable lever handles, we offer lock-out devices for retrofit on existing valves where required.

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