Electric actuators make valve automation easy, but they can be subjected to some pretty tough conditions. The need to pull the actuator off the valve and bench test it may arise during an actuator’s lifespan due to those conditions. So, what happens when you go to test an electric actuator with a 4-20mA positioner, but don’t have a control signal to test it?

If you are using our BI Series actuators, we have that instance covered. Our BI Series actuators have a feature that allows an actuator to be tested without a 4-20mA control signal by jumping a couple terminals.

To utilize this feature you need to first access the actuator’s internals by removing the actuator cover. Once the cover is taken off,  look for T-shaped terminal labeled JP2 near the middle of the PCB. Under normal operating conditions, the jumper will be on the two middle pins of the tee. To cycle the valve closed jump the 2nd and 3rd terminals on and power the actuator with the corresponding voltage. To cycle the valve open, the jump the 1st and 2nd terminals and apply power. It is that simple.

vp jumpers 3

Below is a simplified view of JP2 showing which terminals to jump for testing purposes.

Terminal JP2

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