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Spray Nozzles

We know spray nozzles are often the most abused pieces of washdown equipment and the most frequently replaced. Our spray nozzles are touted as the “best in the market” because they are made with premium, high-quality parts and materials engineered to withstand the most demanding applications and misuse.

We have a saying at our facility, “Strahman spray nozzles will be the last spray nozzle you will ever buy.”

Automatic Water Saver Spray Nozzles

This product group is the workhorse of our nozzle lineup and includes three basic model types. Each is offered in bronze or stainless trim and various covers and will automatically stop when the lever is released to save water. All our nozzles will accept all threaded Strahman hoses and convert them to fit other hoses with the addition of our adapters available in various sizes. 

  • M-70 (bronze) and S-70 (stainless) – Most popular spray nozzles, this series allows an operator to achieve any type of water stream – from a soft spray to a robust and straight stream – simple by pressing the lever.
  • F-90 series in bronze or stainless - Provides a soft spray for a more delicate approach to washing objects that a water stream could damage.
  • S-80 series in bronze or stainless – Provides a robust, solid stream nozzle for quick and efficient clean-up with minimum water use.
  • Mini M-70 and Mini S-70 – Same heavy-duty functionality as our regular M-70 and S-70 nozzles, but at only 1.8 lbs. the operator can perform longer without the usual fatigue associated with a heavy-duty rugged nozzle.
  • Low Flow M-70 – This is a reduced water consumption nozzle with all the same features as our standard model.

HYDRO-PRO Ergonomic Spray Nozzles

The Hydro Pro-150 is a stainless-steel nozzle designed with form and function in mind. Weighing less than two pounds and ergonomically designed, the Hydro Pro-150 will handle those long, tough washdown sessions with ease. Our patented locking trigger mechanism also helps to minimize hand fatigue. The series is available with black, white, or red replaceable covers.

Our Hydro-Pro 150QC is a quick connect variation featuring a nosepiece designed to accept any of our quick connect attachments. The various attachments reduce splashing and allow for targeted applications, enabling safe and convenient cleaning.

Your facility can experience maximum water savings with higher cleaning power that helps lower operational costs with a Strahman spray nozzle that lasts.

Spray Nozzles