As the leader in the fusible link (or thermal shut-off) valve market, BI-TORQ Valve Automation takes pride in knowing that every valve assembly we send out the door is built to our own exacting standards and meets all current product standards and approvals. We’d like to think that not only do we provide you with the best product of its type in the market, but also the most versatile as well. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why.


Some safety shutdown products on the market promote the fact that their links are FM approved. That’s great, but who wants a partially approved safety product? All our FM approved fusible link assemblies are approved as a whole unit (topworks) and designed to fit just about any quarter-turn fire safe valve. While Factory Mutual has not dictated that the complete package, valve included, be FM approved yet, we have taken the proactive step and had most of our FLP packages approved to include the valve.

Our complete Fusible Link Package (FLP) includes an API 607 certified valve not one “designed by” as other companies offer. We can provide a fire test certificate for the valve and its applicable size range per API 607 section 4.4 whereas a “designed to” valve might have fire tested at one time, but not necessarily in the size range or pressure class in accordance with API 607 section 4.4.

We treat these devices as engineered products not a commodity type product so every unit we ship has its own serial number for maximum traceability. We can also supply Certified Material Test Reports (CMTRs) and functional test reports upon request.

Size Range

The “Single Source for Valve Automation” model that we use for automated valve packages is very fitting here. While some of our competitors are limited to 2” and 3” valve sizes, we can provide the largest automatic shut-off  valve of its type in the industry, up to 21,000 inch pounds of torque. Whether insurance mandated or an internal safety driven requirement, our unparalleled size range makes outfitting a full facility easier from a cost, purchasing, training, and documentation standpoint.


All of our fusible link assemblies have manual operation capability. Ball valves in the smaller LT & MT Series (typically ¼” through 2”) allow for manual operation even while armed with a simple turn of the lever. This saves having to install a manual isolation valve in the process line. HT & BT Series and all butterfly valve assemblies utilize a declutchable manual override with a handwheel to manually operate the valve.

Designing the assemblies to be field resettable was one of the main goals when this product was originally designed twenty some years ago. No long complicated process and no special tools are needed to replace the links with the valve in line. We even have Video IOMs to visually walk you through the process.

As a safety device for containing flammable or toxic media, the inline valve portion should be taken into consideration. With our assemblies designed around a quarter-turn valve and not a check valve type, you can operate our assemblies under pressure and use them as a “block valve”.  No need for periodic inspection to ensure functionality either. We do recommend annual link replacement as part of an overall plant maintenance program.


While the FLP Series is a full thermal shut-off device including our valve, we also offer the FL Series which is used to mount on top of customer-owned valves. This allows for API 607 fire safe valves on an Approved Manufacturer’s List (AML), particularly important in the Oil & Gas industry, to be mounted to our topworks.

Additional customization options include anti-vibration hardware (used in maritime applications), special coatings for tough environments, proximity switches for remote indication, and thermo-electric links for remote firing.


Our Product Configurator is a unique resource designed to help get our fusible link assemblies incorporated into a plant design or written specification. The Product Configurator offers the ability to search by different criteria such as valve type, size, link temp, or end connection.  Model specific sales drawings, sample specifications, and data sheets can also be downloaded here.  Additionally, with a simple online registration, you can download 2D line drawings or 3D models in various formats to integrate into a plant design.

Bottom line: Don’t get fooled by the competition



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